Daniel P. Izzard (1949-2018)

Daniel P. Izzard's paintings are highly unique, wherever they are encountered they are immediately recognizable. Daniels broad range of subjects underscores his innate curiosity about nature, light and the best of the human condition. Whether painting his extremely well observed European and North American subjects, or his fascinating portraits, animal as well as human, he shows us something very special, allowing us to see the world through his eyes.

Daniel P. Izzard’s paintings allow the viewer to go back in time and associate their travels to a place once visited. His use of light and attention to detail captures the charm and tranquility of a place he has known and enjoyed. 

Jackie Bryant,
Harbour Gallery

A painting shouldn’t really be about the subject alone, although the subject is a key component, it is really the excuse to create a piece of art, which in itself is about an interesting surface, a mood, a memory and the illusive factor I like to call… so what!

Daniel P. Izzard

Artist's Statement

The pursuit of light, texture, movement, atmosphere and color drive my work. The real world..in the present..as it is, give me all the subjects and inspiration that I need. How I respond to them and bring them to life on canvas, with passion and a sense of occasion allows me the excuse to create a world that is very much my own, but belongs to everyone.